Top level folder for Files

Camping Schedule

Current camping schedule


Medical Form, Tour Plan, Merit Badge Counselor, Campership Form, T400 Expectations, Camp Roster


Information on rank advancement

New Scouts

Information for new Scouts including the Scout Badge requirements workbook and a gear list.

Merit Badge Information

List of Merit Badge Counselors


Information on care and use of the troop's tents

Sleeping Bags

Information on sleeping bags available for long term loan to our Scouts

Gear Lists

Gear lists for Scouts. The troop supplies all cooking gear, tents, and sleeping bags.

Troop Program Features

Planning resource for Scouts. Includes 36 troop monthly meeting plans.


Folder for Cub Scout information

History of Scouting in Delta

This file contains historical information on Scouting in the Delta, PA area

Insurance Information

Baltimore Area Council's Insurance policy, statement and claim form

Troop Leadership Positions Descriptions

Troop Leadership Positions for Youth
Attendance Policy
Step by step on completing the process to become an Eagle Scout
Descriptions of the Leadership Positions and the application/agreement.